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The Director's Manual is created by the Board to establish guidance, procedures, and policies it will follow to carry out the responsibilities and authorities granted to the Board by a majority of owners through the governing documents of the Declaration of Restrictions and the Bylaws.

The Association Bylaws and Declaration of Restrictions take precedence over any conflicting guidance, procedure, or policy of the Board.

The Director's Manual may be amended by a majority vote of the Board at any time.  Owners may request or propose changes to the Director's Manual by attending meetings of Committees or speaking during the Good of the Association.  In addition, the Owners can overturn or revisit a decision of the Board by submitting a petition signed by 15% of Owners to put the issue before a vote of the entire General Membership.

Table of Contents

Architecture and Permit Processing Section

  • Permit Review & Approval Procedures
  • Setback Requirements
  • Bump-out Requirements
  • Standard Lot Definition
  • Rejection of Town Variance
  • Construction Request Form
  • Standards For Signs, Roof Pitch, Sheds, Fences, Dormers,Reverse Gables, Building Height, Entry Porch, Awnings
  • Pools & Recreation Committee


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